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Would you like to make money on auto-pilot from your hobby websites? I know I did when I started making websites and I found the secrets from many years of trial and error.

If you don't go at it the right way your hobby website will not make you any money however if you start on the right path and do everything legit you are sure to start making great passive monthly income after a couple months of work. So how do you do this? First of all you'll need a few tools and resources to get your business started.

Disclosure: First of all please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, they are at no additional cost to you, however I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I personally use these products myself and only recommend the products I've tried and believe work. All the products/tools I've tried and do not work I have not included below. Please make sure you do not buy these products unless you feel you need them and they will help your goals.


  • Wordpress: This is by far the best blogging platform online. The best thing is it is free and always updated with new features you can automatically update to on a monthly basis.
  • Woo Themes: If you want a premium looking Wordpress theme checkout Woo Themes. I've used many of these in the past.
  • The THESIS Theme: Here is another fantastic Wordpress theme. The difference about this theme is that it comes out-of-box as a very search engine optimized theme, has faster page load times, maximum readibility to get readers attention and hold it, and a point-and-click design and font controls.


  • HostGator: If you are looking for cheap, fast, and reliable hosting then check out Host Gator. I have all my websites hosted on Host Gator and am glad I do. If you purchase hosting near Black Friday as well you can get 50% off your hosting package! However the hosting packages can come as cheap as $120/year as is for an unlimited baby croc account (as many websites as you want).


  • GoDaddy: GoDaddy is a great place to get new domain names for cheap. With this link you can get new domains for as low as $5.99 for the first year!
  • Namecheap: Another fantastic location to get domain names from. They are reliable, have plenty of features of email and domain forwarding, and the setup of new domains is really fast.

Product Distribution & Shopping Carts

  • Clickbank: A digital products retailer. This is most likely the most popular. Has a pretty good price, but comes with some fantastic affiliate program for your products.
  • PayPal: PayPal can be used to selling your own products but it is also good for accepting payments from various sources online.

Keyword Research

  • Long Tail Pro: A GREAT keyword research and SEO analysis tool that is cheap (only a one time fee). It is easy to use and quick. You'll get tons of ideas for niche websites within a matter of 10 minutes!
  • Google Adwords Tool: A free tool that helps you decide what keywords to use for your Adwords campaign. It can also be used to judge advertiser competition for a particular keyword, CPC for a keyword, and search volume for a particular keyword.
  • SpyFu: Another free tool (also has a paid version with more features) that helps you gauge advertiser competition (higher is better) and CPC of particular keywords. You can also tell which websites are bidding on particular keywords.

Testing Results

  • Google Analytics: The best free software for tracking your website statistics. A must have for any type of website.
  • Google Optimizer: This is another free tool by Google taht helps you do split testing for your websites. So it will automatically rotate between different versions of your site to find out which converts better.

Advertising Stuff

  • Google Adsense: Make money on your hobby website by placing relevant ad units on your website that are generated from advertisers using Google Adwords. It's free to use but you need to register and follow to rules or you'll get banned.
  • Google Adwords: If you'd like to start driving paid traffic to your website you can through Google Adwords. You select keywords and locations and pay per click to your website and get instant traffic to your website.

How To Get Started

Now once you have all these tools and resources what you'll want to do is use the keyword tools to find a topic that you'll be interested in. You'll want to make sure the topic you pick isn't too narrow, has enough advertiser competition, has at least a $1 CPC for the main keyword, and has enough search results in a month. Please note that the keyword research is the most critical part of the website development. If you don't pick the right topic you won't get the traffic and therefore the earnings.

Once you've picked a topic you are happy with you'll need to purchase a domain name and get hosting setup for that domain.

Now you can setup Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics on your website. You do this so you can track your website and make sure you are getting traffic. You can see where people are coming from (what country), what pages they are looking at most, and what keywords they are coming in from. This information is all critical because if you find a topic that is getting a lot of traffic you can focus on that type of content and create more of it to make more traffic for your website. Google Webmaster Tools is helpful because this helps get your site indexed in Google and tells you how the crawlers are doing on your website (finding it and putting it in Google results).

Now that you have a website live you'll need to start creating original unique content. This is also a very important step. You'll need to be consistant and create a lot of content for your website. Once you have at least 30 to 50 pages (articles) on your website you can work on the next few steps.

Once all the articles are developed for the website I like to make sure the formatting, grammar, and pictures are added to every article.

Now that you have all your articles on your website it's time to make some money! Now to do this you'll need to monetize your website with such things as Google Adsense, Infolinks, and affiliate products. This is what will generate income for you. When someone visits your website and buys a product through your link or clicks on your Google Adsense link you'll get paid. So make sure you check out such monetization techniques such as Google Adsense (mentioned above), Infolinks, and promoting products through Clickbank or Amazon Associates.

At this point most people like to start building links to their website. However in light of all the updates done by Google it has been said by Google to not do this or your site will get penalized and you'll lose your traffic. So what I recommend doing instead of the traditional link building (mass publishing articles with links to your site) I recommend you focus on building up your social media presence online. So this means getting original content up on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Put some occassion links back to your website and then for the rest just link all the social media profiles together. This will help increase the rank of your website.

Now at this point you'll need to give your website some time and see how it starts to rank and build traffic. If the website starts to show signs of success then you should start to build more pages of content for your website so you can get more traffic. However if the website isn't generating at least 20 - 30 unique hits a day after 6 months it might be time to try the process again. Worst case scenerio is you make a site that doesn't earn tons of money right away and you try again. Eventually you'll find a website topic that works and you'll start to earn money on auto-pilot.

So what are you waiting for? Try out some of the resources above and get your hobby website started today! Start making monthly passive income online today!

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